AW16: Dark elegance for the kitchen, entryway & bath

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Dark wood is a hot new trend for the home – and no wonder. Furniture and accessories in smoked oak create a cool and exclusive feeling, and it gives the interior design a feeling of cohesiveness when wall pegs and drawer handles are dark lacquer to match the kitchen island. 

The interest in dark shades has also been noted by the design brand by Wirth, based in Aarhus, Denmark. Ever since by Wirth launched a series of oak storage products in January 2016, the brand has received a flood of inquiries from customers who wanted the same design in dark wood.

And now it’s here!
Below you can see the latest in dark lacquer and smoked oak, as well as how the furniture and accessories look in the latest design environments. Like the rest of by Wirth’s collection in full grain leather and oak, this new everyday accessories in gorgeous natural materials is also handmade in Denmark.

All images from by Wirth can be downloaded at If you have questions about the products, or would like to borrow the products for styling, please contact Anja Hellberg at FRIDAY at telephone number 2858 8076 or at