Leather straps for art & plants

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Let the green trend unfold on your walls or add a third dimension to your art wall.Wall Belt is an adjustable leather strap for hanging pots, vases, toothbrush mugs, brushes, pencils and whatever else you can imagine on your wall. You can adjust the strap in size the same way as a belt og easily lift it from the hook, for instance to water the plants.

Combine the strap with the simple and elegant card holder All on a String in leather and oak in order to achieve the same style throughout your home. Attach notes, postcards and clippings to the discrete notches in the oak balls, that allows you to easily change your ‘exhibition’ – and might inspire you to new projects.


Images in high resolution can be downloaded on fdaylife.dk. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate contacting by Wirth at +45 2628 8213 or signe@bywirth.dk.