News from byWirth: More than just a dish

When serving a meal becomes art

Food is more beautiful when it’s served with care on an elegant platter or in a beautiful bowl. But Serve Me Board isn’t just any dish. Since it was founding in 2011, byWirth has grown into a small international company, with dealers in 15 markets and turnover that doubles year after year. Customers have fallen in love with the Danish company’s knack for reimagining items for daily use and for mixing function and design with a Nordic look.
With the Serve Me Board, byWirth has developed a new and inspiring way to present small meals and spices. On the serving platter, which is made of FSC certified oak, there are special holes in which a cup and a bowl can be securely fastened, while cheese, fruit, crackers or other treats can be placed in the recessed plate next to them.

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Serving platter, Serve Me Board
FSC-certified oak, 17.5 x 26 cm
Recommended retail price DKK 299
Ceramic cup and bowl, recommended retail price DKK 220/apiece.