ADL – Levante

LEVANTE is a 2020 novelty of ADL, a brand of Boffi|DePadova group specialized in glass/aluminum inside walls and doors.
LEVANTE is not a regular door. It is, instead, a filter able to adjust the light and visual connections both from the outside and the inside of the house. The mirrored surface is not just a regular glass slab, but it is composed by triangular inclined elements, allowing the flow of sunlight, restricting at the same time the visibility, transforming even wider spaces in intimate and cozy places.

It is possible to choose between two aesthetic structures, Minimal with thinner slats and Plus with thicker slats.
Thanks to its aluminum shape, LEVANTE is the first interior door that can be also used as an outdoor one, acting as windbreaker and sunbreaker. The perimeter frame of the shutter is realized with 18 and 36 mm pillars and 36 mm high beams.

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