Boffi – Antibes


Design: Piero Lissoni / 2015 – 2019

Description: A project in continuous evolution, the walk-in closet is the ultimate living space of the house and requires flexible personalisation. For this reason, Boffi always designs solutions able to satisfy the most sophisticated needs. New functional modules with hightech
supporting frames and hinged or sliding doors are now introduced and become part of the collection, alongside a wide range of covers for shelves, back panels and drawers available in both leathers and microfibers. Also, a new glass for shelves and cabinet panels offers smooth transparency to showcase the interiors with clothes, shoes, accessories etc.

Technical features: The Antibes walk-in closet is further enhanced with new solutions to offer more integration with bathroom and door / wall partitioning systems.
New lighting system of back panels and shelves.
Island compositions with new transparent glass panels and other finishes. Frame structure
available in new colours.
New finish for carcasses, to match any outer material.

Modules (hinged door): H 1903/ H 2034 / 2322 / 2610 / 2898 mm _ d 425 / 615 mm (door included) _ W. module 450 / 600 / 900 (450+450) / 1200 (600+600) mm.
Modules (sliding door): H 2322 / 2610 mm _ d. 647 mm (door included) _ W. module 900 / 1000 / 1200 mm.
Modules (coplanar sliding door): H 2322 / 2610 mm _ d. 615 mm (door included) _ W.module 900 / 1000 / 1200 mm.
Finishes: covers in microfiber, back panels in leather – different colours, shelves, drawer fronts, frame doors.
Carcasses: new additional black Sablè melamine finish.

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