Boffi – Combine kitchen ambient

Combine kitchen ambient

Design: Piero Lissoni / 2018

Inspiration: Freedom of composition is the diktat for your very own Combine kitchen, whether linear, angular or zigzag. A new kitchen programme able to blend the compact kitchen to the traditional kitchen island, offering a selection of functional monoblocks in different sizes, worktops and extractable tables for fixed or extendible snack areas based on number of guests.
A wide range of materials and accessories designed to support the cooking and washing complete the system. The extremely light and thin door profiles allow the combination of the different elements, creating a design that resembles a three dimensional abstract painting.

Description: A kitchen programme characterised by simple monoblocks that can be combined together to create compact islands with separate specific functions: cooking, washing and preparation.
The characteristic 4-sided finishing of the monoblocks allows total freedom of composition, thus creating angular, zigzag compositions or linear with exclusive tables, positioned on the backside and able to offer compact or extensible dining areas.
The extra thin door makes the design lighter and more elegant.
The worktop has a particular section that includes and perfectly integrates the different functions of cooking and washing thanks the exclusive Boffi design taps, able to disappear in the thickness of the top through an up and down mechanism.
The system is enhanced by useful accessories for preparation, cooking and washing: chopping boards, supporting grids and containment trays, also useful for table service.

Technical features: Units in E1 V100 particle wood – coated with melamine papers in grey graphite oak and natural elm wood.
Modules h.790/720 – Plinth h.80 mm
Washing monoblock: h.915 L.1800-2400 D.650 mm.
Cooking monoblock: h.845 L.1200-1800 – 2400 D.900 mm.
Preparation monoblock: h. 915 L.1200-1800 D.650 mm.
Finishes for doors and 12 mm thick panels: wood veneer from the Boffi range – matt lacquer Ecolak and Metals from the Boffi range – Lasermat in range of Boffi colours – brushed anthracite grey aluminium – white Carrara marble – Lithoverde® Carrara and Pietra d’Avola stone.
Worktops: polished stainless steel, brushed Scotch Brite stainless steel – white Carrara marble – Lithoverde® Carrara and Pietra d’Avola.
Sliding tables in veneer wood, wood species from Boffi range.

“Combine is like a multifaceted game, with very simple elements, where areas of work and life are built in” P. Lissoni


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