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DESIGN: Zaha Hadid Design/ 2017

INSPIRATION: From the unique and indisputable creativity of Zaha Hadid, a model characterized by
sinuous and simple forms, using malleable materials such as Corian® and wood. The island with all the necessary functionalities becomes a place ol conviviality thanks to a very special snack area obtained from the monobloc structure .

DESCRIPTION: Marrying ZHD’s design with exceptional functionality, carefully chosen materials and Boffi’s pristine craftsmanship, the kitchen island embodies the unmistakable lines ol Hadid’s architectural language. Available in two sizes and various finishes and materials including natural stone, wood and Corian®, the kitchen coherently fits any domestic setting.

TECHNICAL FEATURES: Melamine-coated units, available in all finishes of the Soffi range.
Standard modules for more rationalised production.
Standard units H.790 D.600, integrated plinth in Corian®
External structure in Glacier White Corian®
Handle range in standard finishes.
Doors in Corian®, Wood / Wood Selection, Ecolak lacquer, Polyester, brushed stainless steel, Lasermat.
Worktops in Glacier White Corian®, marble and stones as Soffi range.
Snack area panels in wood / wood Selection, Ecolak lacquer.

Registered model.

“Ultimately architecture is all about the creation ol pleasant and stimulating settings for
all aspects of social life”.Z.Hadid (Pritzker Prize award speech, 2004).

About Corian®

First created as a high performance material for kitchen and bathroom worksurfaces, Corian® has become -thanks to its unique combination ol functionality, versatility and beauty -a leading global brand in advanced surfacing solutions for interior design and architecture. Over the years, Corian® has emerged as an exceptional design tool for every application one can imagine: kitchens, bathrooms, lighting, furnishing, facades, seating, radiators, home automation, touch control surfaces. Today, Corian® can be found almost everywhere in commercial, residential and public space applications.

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