Boffi – Hide


DESIGN: Piero Lissoni + CRS Boffi / 2014

DESCRIPTION: each module of these tall units can be equipped with specific accessories of Hide series or with Programma Standard base units. The modules -that can be equipped with drawer units, shelves or compartments for electrical appliances -can have hinged, side recessing or folding side recessing doors.
In addition to kitchen tall units, there are new laundry modules with compartments for wash machines and dryer machines (of common brands), for folding ironing board, for brooms and for pul I-out laundry baskets.

TECHNICAL FEATURES: Melamine-coated carcasses in exclusive finish open-pore graphite oak and silk white. Doors available in Lasermat; Sileover (range colours); Ecolack (range colours); veneer wood (range species); Selection wood (range species); polyester (range colours) or Metals.


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