Boffi – Ledline

LED line

DESIGN/ CRS Boffi / 2015

DESCRIPTION / Series of mirrors with white, matt black or naturally anodised frame in extruded
aluminium, characterised by a very thin thickness.
An LED bar is integrated in these mirrors.
Available versions: horizontal with glass shelf slotted into the mirror (allowing easy cleaning and disassembling); vertical with vertical LED light

TECHNICAL FEATURES/ Structure made of aluminium frame profile, white, matt black or naturally anodised painted.
Mirror with light and remote switch (to be supplied by the client).
LED strip lighting, temperature 2700°k
Bi-voltage transformer 100/230 V, 60W.
Customised horizontal mirror, with shelf h. from 500 to 900, W. from 900 to 1800, d.131 mm.
Customised reversible mirror h. from 1200 to 3000, W. from 400 to 900 d.31 mm.

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