Boffi – Lotus

Lotus -mirror

DESIGN/ Naoto Fukasawa / 2014 -2018

INSPIRATION/ lnitiated with the circle, the Lotus mirror collection now explores new geometric shapes and their essentiality with the rectangle. Available in tour sizes, is characterised by its highly neutral mirroring surtace. The diffused perimeter light enhances its design.

DESCRIPTION / The Lotus mirror collection is now enriched with rectangular shape that maintain the same simplicity typical of Naoto Fukasawa’s design.

TECHNICAL FEATURES/ Four new shapes with dimensions that adapt to all the needs of compositi on, with or without a diffused light perimeter version 4 mm thick mirror with wall support.
Available versions: without light -with integrated concealed perimeter LED light.
Dimensions: h.900 L.900 I 1200/ 1800 mm.

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