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This produet has been awarded the Wallpaper• Design Awards and EDIDA as Best Kitchen. In 2016 it has been awarded an honourable mention in the “Compasso D’oro ADI”.

“Salinas is the beach of my childhood, a lang sandy beach with dunes along the Bay of Biscay, Asturias, with huge, crashing waves and intense colours. The kitchen in my grandfather’s house, which commanded a view of that very beach, brings back fond memories of those moments. A place of contrasts, in “Green Northern Spain”, characterised by a rocky coastline, green fields, yellow sandsand cobalt blue Ocean.

Salinas is based on an idea of a hidden “machine”, a technical kitchen with a modular structure in matt black metal and an integrated gutter-shaped element. The guttershaped element, not visible from outside, houses the plumbing, electrical and extractor plants. lt’s a very flexible system, on the framed doors light panels are inserted of various materials and colours: ranging from metal (zinc/brass/copper) to aluminium finishing, industrial glass, lacquers or textured concretes. Worktops and elements are in matt ceramic, marble, stone, lava (decorated in relief). There is also a “chopping board-table” in solid wood, that slides to create more space for meal preparation, or can be also used as a snack top. Surfaces that are tactile, material, true. Salinas is flexible in its configurations which can be of a single material, a single colour
or any combination of materials and colours in each element. An open abacus in a closed system, where one immediately understands what can be done even before consulting a designer. The search for materials will continue with further finishings around the future tall units. Speed and lightness are other characteristics. Rapid produet configuration for the island or wall-mounted versions, with 40 possible modules. Rapid production of a customised but not tailor-made kitchen with speedy installation. Lightness of doors and simple technology , for example: integrated LED lighting on the shelves and structures for hanging kitchen implements. An open research that I hope will permit freedom to personalise; without the problems aften encountered in “tailor-made ” solutions.” P. Urquiola

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