De Padova – Erei bed

Elisa Ossino, 2018

The soft and defined forms of the Erei bed invite the feeling of relaxation at first sight An initial welcome is always
pleasant, but knowing it will be there, is even better. Erei fully showcases and furnishes the room, as intended. Its sides
and front edge are able to store matching bedside tables.

Erei is a bed with an elegant aesthetic, soft and rigorous at the same time.
The comfortable headboards and a soft padded perimeter edge protect and envelop the mattress.
Bedside tables complete the system and can be placed along the sides or along the foot of the bed.

Headboard: wood frame.
Padding in variable-density foamed polyurethane and polyester wadding, covered with polyester velveteen. For FR
(Fire Resistant) versions, padding materials follow current regulations.
Base: steel and wood frame. Slats in beech plywood. Padding in foamed polyurethane and polyester wadding, covered
with polyester velveteen.
Feet in epoxy-polyester powder coated steel, gunbarrel grey or brick red coloured.
External covering: totally removable cover in fabric or non-removable in leather or velvet.
Bedside table: Black high density wood fibre board panel (CDF), oil finish, covered with natural-colored mineral-cured
pigmented leather, or covered with aluminum delabré plate, or in striped brass, striped grey steel or dark delabrè steel
sheet, or veneered in aniline-dyed solid ash wood or smoked oak, finished with transparent open-pore acrylic paint.

Dimensions for mattresses 170×200 cm – 193×203 cm.

Overall dimensions:
for standard mattress (170×200 cm): L.192 D.241 cm h.83 (headboard) (h.38 bed base)
for king size mattress (193×203 cm): L 215 D.244 cm h.83 (headboard) (h.38 bed base)


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