De Padova – T.54 Armchair

Fratelli Monti, 1954
Archivio storico Bonacina 1889

The rattan-core weaving of the structure creates an eccentric contrast, assigning pure uniqueness to the T54 armchair. Introducing modernity in the homes of the 50s, the chair participates in writing the first pages of a new design discipline. It is not a coincidence that two of the members of the architectural firm that designed the chair were among the founders of ADI, the Association for Industrial Design.

Armchair with a contemporary design, with a cozy seat in rattan-core and two comfortable side handles that ease its movement and, at the same time, make the piece more decorative. The combination of the natural rattan-core and metal structure gives this armchair a unique and distinctive design.

Frame: epoxy-polyester powder coated steel.
Weaving in natural rattan-core, extra-high quality, finished with transparent acrylic paint.
Thermoplastic feet.

Dimensions: H. 69 cm W. 115 cm, D. 88 cm.


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