Nordstjerne – Adorn vase large

Vi har alle behov for et lille hint af glamour i vores hverdag – og det hint giver lækre, elegante materialer som marmor, papir, messing og ruskind, som er de materialer, Nordstjerne bl.a. arbejder med i sin kollektion af accessories til boligen.

Adorn vase
Lille, h 26 x dia 13 cm, vejl. udsalgspris DKK 649
Stor, h 36 x dia 18 cm, vejl. udsalgspris DKK 849

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Designer and founder at the Danish design brand Nordstjerne, Henriette Bach, has been in love with the yellow metal for years, mainly because it’s a perfect match to Nordstjerne’s popular marble collection.

All Nordstjernes brass items are pure brass. In short terms, that means, that you’ll be handed a prettier product, that will maintain its beauty for years and years. Other (often cheaper) brass products are made of metal covered with a layer of brass. All of Nordstjerne’s brass items are made of 100% brass, which age beautifully. In that way, Nordstjerne’s design will have a long and happy life in their new homes – and that’s what Nordstjerne is all about.

Adorn vase
Glass vases on brass stand

Small, h 26 x dia 13 cm, EUR 108
Large, h 36 x dia 18 cm, EUR 138

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